Rowe A0 scanners, printers and finishing units

Rowe is technological market leader in the field of A0 scanners, printers, folding machines and cutting machines. Benefit from best in class quality; made in Germany. Advanced technology leads to superior performance on speed, image quality and efficient workflows.

You can rent or buy your Rowe A1, A0 or A0+ scanner at Scanner Rent. Users are often technical companies such as manufacturers, engineers, real estate managers, government and architects. The key benefits to order your Rowe A0 scanners and printers at Scanner Rent:

  • » we supply Rowe hardware and parts
  • » we rent out Rowe A0 scanners (incl. laptop / software / service)
  • » Try & Buy program
  • » service support
  • » AVG proof digitisation procedures

Rowe A0 scanners

These high speed scanners digitize hundreds of A1, A0 and A0+ drawings per hour with superior image quality (up to 2400 x 1200 DPI). Competitive advantage:
  • » double lens technology
  • » pro logic technology for image improvement
  • » automatic page format recognition on the fly
  • » automatic image improvement without rescanning
  • » Scan manager / cloud enabled
  • » up to 30 mm media thickness (art / textile)

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Rowe eco Print / MFP

Advanced solid print technology guarentees superior image quality, even at high printvolumes. The Rowe fuser delivers revolutionary toner adhesion for an extremely flat print result that can hardly be felt. And remains top quality also after folding. Competitive advantage:
  • » image quality 1200 x 600 DPI
  • » integration ecoPrint with a Rowe scanner and / or Rowe folding machine
  • » high speed max 10 metres per minute
  • » Rowe print cockpit
  • » V power controller

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Rowe A0 folding machine

The Rowe Variofold we can supply as offline and / or online folding machine. Rowe is the first manufacturer in the world with a modular folding system. For manual input. And you can upgrade with a A0 printer connection. Competitive advantage:
  • » multiple automatic folding programs without supervisor
  • » height adjustment (for better ergonomy)
  • » precision paper handing
  • » durable, compact & quiet
  • » high speed 20 meters per minute

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Rowe A0 cutting machine

Manual and electrical cutting machines for A1, A0 en A0+ drawings up to 200 cm. As specialist in large format drawings Rowe has developed the last 60 years their cutting machine with the following product benefits:
  • » self sharpening knife
  • » excellent precision
  • » automatic paper fixing during the cut
  • » waste bag
  • » release of cut via pedal

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